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Rathonyi Ltd. in Debrecen is one of the leading mineral water and soft drink producing company in Hungary. The mineral water is obtained from the
company’s own well which can be found in North-Eastern Hungary, an area rich in mineral water and spas. This mineral water has a physiologically
favouralbe composition of minerals and its consumption can be offered without limitation for every age group, traded under the trade mark: Csokonai and
Silver Aqua.
If you say Ltd, than you hear .
Traubisoda is internationally registered and a unique grape-based soft drink, made exclusively of natural substances with use of white grape concentrate and
Csokonai Mineral Water.
Traubisoda mixes the traditional European flavour and design with the up-to-date top quality production technology meeting requirements of our age.
Traubisoda is not only soft drink, but also tasty, often used as non-alcoholic or alcoholic base for making fruit coctails. We suggest for adults cooled on
„TraubiWine” (2/3 Traubisoda + 1/3 white wine)
„TraubiBier” (1/2 Traubisoda + beer)
Besides Traubisoda there is a soft drink family traded under the trade mark Róna, and produced mainly from domestic fruit, and has an important position
amongst the company’s products.
Due to the extended international distribution lines our products are consumed in many countries of the world for example in USA, Sweden, Yugoslavia,
Croatia, Slovakia, Romania.
Traubisoda is a unique grape-based soft drink made exclusively of natural substances, so Traubisoda is the soft drink of our present days.
This is expressed in the company’s slogen: „Gift from Nature”

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