Original Hungarian salami made by PICK

The history of Pick Szeged Zrt.

dates back to the 19th century. During nearly 150 years Pick has been a significant player in the European food industry market and has been the leader of the Hungarian meat market, offering excellent quality products widely known and appreciated all over the globe. Pick Szeged Zrt. have the largest dried meat manufacturing capacity in Central-Europe and its scope of activities covers the entire meat industry verticum from slaughtering to the wholesale and retail distribution of meat and meat products.

As member of the Bonafarm Group it is crucial for us to use Hungarian raw materials, employ Hungarian labour and to produce excellent quality meat products while remaining a Hungarian-owned company.

In Hungary PICK is the best-known meat industry brand name, and in order to improve our market share and reputation abroad we are also founding members of Hungaricum Club with a primary goal to preserve the identity of traditional Hungarian brands. We export to 35 countries; we have subsidiary in Germany and trade representation offices in Japan and Hong Kong, but our products get also to the United States.

Each year we produce nearly 50,000 tons of meat products. Our product selection includes premium products satisfying wide-ranging market needs: salamis and dry sausages, cold cuts, liver pastes, frankfurters and meat products made from the unique Mangalica pork. Pick is the largest Mangalica meat producing business in the world.

The flagship product of our company is the world-famous PICK Original Wintersalami. This uniquely Hungarian product has been made according to the original secret recipe of Márk Pick for over 140 years.
The strategic objective of Pick Szeged Zrt. is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers by continuously improving our manufacturing technology focusing on environmental protection.  Excellent quality, carefully selected raw materials and compliance of the work processes with strict quality assurance system of criteria guarantee that at the end of the manufacturing process excellent quality products are brought to our consumers.
PICK original Hungarian Salami - 1.25kg
52.06 USD
40.05 USD per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
4x PICK original Hungarian Salami - 1.25kg
196.85 USD
36.45 USD per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
PICK Original Hungarian Puszta Snack Spicy 100g
3.45 USD
34.50 USD per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Heart Classic-Budapest salami 400g
28.49 USD
71.23 USD per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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