Chili-Trade Kft. Chilli products from Kalocsa Hungary

Garliccrem paste
4.66 USD
29.13 USD per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Dried hot paprika from the Kalocsa region 50g
4.66 USD
93.20 USD per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
smooked ball of garlic
Only 21.17 USD
21.17 USD per pice
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
70.11 USD
70.11 USD per pice
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
11.67 USD
11.67 USD per pice
incl. 7% tax
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The Chili-Trade Food Industrial and Commercial Ltd. was founded in October 1994.
Its main activity is the processing and packaging of paprika.
Paprika is a spice used for about 300 years in Hungary. Paprika became a spice of every day usage, which cannot be missed from our nutrition. The grist of paprika is a joint of fragrances, tastes and aromas, which is the token of Hungarian dishes. Its captivating color, high content of coloring, sweet or spicy flavor made it an authentic Hungarian spice and contributed to the establishment of the international reputation of the Hungarian cuisine.

The excellent climate of Hungary, soil conditions, the tradition of cultivation, which is inherited from father to son, made this plant word-wide renowned.
Chili Ltd. is dealing with keeping these features in view. Our packing is hidding this grist with special features obtained from the red-pepper growned on the extended plantations of the country side of Kalocsa, which is ripened by the good soil of the Hungarian Plain, its climate rich in sunshine, to the delight of those who are enjoying it. We kept the excellent features of the grist of paprika by using the traditional processing of this basic material.
It was introduced and used by our company the food security system called HACCP in 2001. Due to the usage of germ-limiting method we could reach an improvement of the quality.
One of our special products, close connected to the paprika, is the cooking oil of pepper seed. This cooking-oil is obtained from the pulp and the seeds of the pepper.
The oils obtained by cold processing are keeping their content of vitamins and material of flavor.

We have other hand-produced products, which are the following:
- different pepper garlands
- braidings of garlic
- home-made paprika and garlic creams, assorted pickleses
- manual painted wooden fancy goods
We hope that You will find approriate goods from our choice and we are convinced that we can greet
You among our customers or partners.
Chili-Trade Ltd